Kesha Posed In Black Lace Panties And A See-Through Top And Was Looking HOT

by 5 years ago
kesha sexy pics

Kesha, Instagram

I don’t remember ever really thinking of Kesha as sexy before. She always had too much going on with the wild hair, makeup, and other nonsense trying to be Ke$ha for my taste. Yet here she is today sporting some very hot black lace panties and a see-through top and dammit if she isn’t looking gorgeous. Major props to her.

Apparently this isn’t a relatively new thing either because I was curious about when she stopped trying to look so “shocking and wild” so I went back into Kesha’s Instagram account and also found this photo from four months ago…

It’s amazing what happens when you strip away all the gunk and glitter and just let natural beauty show through. Perhaps Lady Gaga could learn a thing or two about that. Eh, probably not.

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