Kid Lies About Teacher Trying To Have Sex With Him In Order To Hide Embarrassing Video Of Him In A Jerk-Off Train

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Kids are dumb. When I was 12 I had just finished cooking macaroni and cheese on our gas stovetop when the question popped into my head, “I wonder if the stove is still hot?” I had turned the stove off literally no more than two minutes prior, so it should come as no shock to you that when I slapped my hand down on the stove I quickly found out that yes, it was still hot as fuck. One third-degree burn and a few gallons of ice water running over my hand later, I learned….absolutely nothing, because I did the same thing a week later with my other hand. I was not, nor am I currently, a smart person.

That’s not to say I was a dumber kid than Redditor ken_TA, who thought that lying about how his teacher tried to have sex with him was a better alternative to her telling his parents about the masturbation train video he filmed with his friends:

My family is considerably distinct for the area I live in. We are not super rich, let’s just say we are quite well of. My parents build a reputation for themselves as rich assholes and expect me to act by their standards. I am their only child and that makes me the sole heir to what they made. I don’t know if it will be important, but my parents can’t have children, I was adopted when they were ~40. That pretty much makes any screw up I would make the news of the town (which is not large only few thousand people), but enough for them not to feel the heat.

Anyway, let’s start. As a sixteen year old teenager my hormones were all over the place. And I did have very little space to move around by myself. I couldn’t leave the house just like that, I had to inform someone that I am leaving, get someone to drive me there – taxis were forbidden as my parents think I’d get killed or something. That means zero contact with girls, because again, my parents knew very well in what age I was and instead of talking to me about it they just continued their work and forbade any contact with girls and as someone had to drive me where I wanted to they would always find out if I was with a girl. Now that was not a big problem as I always liked guys, since I was 13 I liked boys and that kind of came back up during this time.

I hang out with a group of three friends, let’s call them: Michael, Mark and Thomas. Those were the only three people I kinda concluded didn’t want to be my friends because of my money (my allowance was substantial and I could do whatever – parents, never do this, I was an idiot and spend a LOT on crap). We first met when I was 12 or 13, can’t remember. Years passed and we did so much shit together, we broke so much crap, we did stupid pranks on people and so on.

And as it happened one day my three friends and I were at Mark’s house. His parents were gone and I think Michael asked if we watch porn. Before soon we started jerking off together, even each other. It’s important for the rest of the story. We did that anytime we were alone and non of us felt weird about it. We never went beyond one of us jerking the other one. No BJs or anything like that.
At one point, being the stupid shits we were, we decided to record ourselves. It was a, 3 minute clip of us jerking each other off. We used my phone, which for me was the last bastion of freedom where my parents didn’t look to bring shit up. (THEY SHOULD HAVE >.<). Of course I didn’t share the video, I send it to the three friends and that was a big mistake.

Fast forwards to one shitty Thursday (I have no fucking clue what the day was, it sounds cool). My favourite teacher, let’s call her Mrs. Bush (I am not original with names), called me into her cabinet (each teacher/professor has their own cabinet in the school I attended). Bit of background for her, she was 30, when she started teaching my class she just graduated university. She taught IT, so computers, programming and stuff around that. So for her whole teaching career she knew me. And as most teacher she had this completely unreasonable feeling that if she ever says anything wrong to me my parents will drag her into the hell itself and Satan will rape her. Truth is, my parents would tell me I am an idiot and I would get a lecture on how I should make the family name good and so on. Both of my parents made their own fortune on their own and then met/married, so both are very proud of that and didn’t want me to fuck it up. (I don’t blame them.)

Anyway, Mrs. Bush sat me down in her cabinet and started talking about a video she only heard about. She was super vague about it and didn’t specify what the video is. You can figure out that I immediately took it that she saw THAT video and I went into a panic mode. I started to mumble, asking where did she find out. She said a source told her, still not saying what was on the video. I was too shy to say and she thought I knew what I was talking about. The catch was, she meant another video THAT DIDN’T EXIST. She continued by saying she is disappointed and she will have to contact my parents. I swear to the Spaghetti Monster that I wanted to cut her hand off she couldn’t call anyone. I didn’t. But being a smart-ass I asked her if she could wait for me to admit what I did to my parents so they don’t hear it from her. She agreed.

I just want to clarify. The video she meant was a rumor that there is a video of me smoking and dealing/selling weed ,which is illegal where I live. And it was a rumor. I tried weed once about a year ago and it made me feel really unwell. Fuck that.
I got home, ate, did my homework and texted my three friends who the fuck told her. They freaked out as well and started blaming each other. Non of us knew why I would be the only one to be called to her.

When my parents got home I did the most idiotic thing in my life. I told them that she made moves on me. I don’t want to sound like more of an ass than I already do, but I wasn’t the worst looking guy and money is more important than a big dick. My father was furious and my mom started hugging me and asking if I am ok. Which she never did before, I immediately wanted to take it back by saying that it could have been a misunderstand, but my father already made his mind that he will go to school. Welp, fuck.

The next day we drive to school. And of course everybody is looking. We walk into the school, me wanting to jump out of the nearest window to my doom. We get to the principals office and there it starts. My father explains him everything to the smallest detail, even those I didn’t say. He threatens a law-suit which is something he would do, both parents being lawyers and owning a law firm. I can see the principal is sweating and calls Mrs. Bush into his office. She comes in expecting to talk about the video, but what she gets are some big accusations from the principal and my parents. She looks at me and then starts defending herself. And that is the point where it all goes to shit. She breaks down and starts crying, my parents continue with the lawsuit. The principal offers a compromise, she quits her job as a teacher, they’ll write into her record she did insult a student in a moment of anger (which is better than wanting to fuck a student) and my parents lay down with an apology. She agrees and signs a form quitting her job. When we got home I wanted to kill myself, I mean it, I felt like the biggest douche in the universe (taking the price from John Edward).

Time went by and I stopped talking to my friends or they did stop talking to me, pretty much neither of us contacted it each other. Nobody knew what happened and nobody ever told them.

Few months later my mother got very sick. Some back issues I don’t know precisly what it was. They both retired from actively leading their firm to just being owners (“just). My mother’s condition got worse and my dad started going down a spiral of depression. Very simply put my mother passed away a year after that when I was seventeen. My dad changed, he hardly talked to anyone besides me. He did everything just so nothing would happen to me. But as it went on, his depression was way too much. He began taking way too much pills to function and had a car accident shortly after my twenty-first (I wrote this wrong, sorry) birthday. Which seems as a really long time. I was an adult and the whole firm was mine. And I just want to say something about this before we continue. My father was a Criminal Defense Lawyer – that means he defended people who were accused of committing a crime. And a lot of times he was hired by the rich. He got tons of hate mail, death threats. I couldn’t believe how much shit he got for doing his job. That takes a toll and my mother’s death was just too much.

After that happened I got my shit together, I had to sign a lot of papers. And that was it, a big ass house all for myself.

Few weeks later when I got out of my father’s death I thought about the teacher and what I did to her. I looked her up online, I looked everywhere I could. I finally found her, she moved quite far. I wanted to remedy what I did so I contacted her. She agreed to meet me in a Starbucks.

This happened about a month ago, FYI. We sat down and I started talking. I apologised for everything I caused, I explained my parents and the real video. After I was done, pretty much five minutes of me talking super fast to explain. She said it’s ok. She got another job in the city and while the money isn’t half as good as the school I got her fired from she said she was happy. I know I am not a psychologist, but looking at my dad feeling like shit, being depressed stuck in my mind and I saw the exact thing on her. I did the only thing I could, I offered her a job at my firm, it still is weird to type my firm, anyway, she accepted after I told her the bonuses and what she’d be making (seven times the amount she was + bonuses). She knows programming, some basics of photo-design and much more around computers. So a position of an IT expert was fit for her.

She has quit her job, moved back and starts in September.

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