This Aspiring Model Says Her Career Is Ruined Because She Looks Too Much Like Kim Kardashian — What Do You Think?

I mean, she’s not 100% wrong. The resemblance between her and Kim Kardashian is strong. Normally, my reaction would go something like this, “How many more lives are you going to have to ruin until you’re happy, Kim? Huh? When will your reign of terror end?” But a thorough, four and a half minute study of Milana Aslani’s Instagram profile leads me to believe that MAYBE she is trying to look like Kim Kardashian. I mean, it got her a woe-is-me story on the Daily Mail and my stupid ass is posting about is so…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

According to a recent interview, Aslani’s current resemblance to Mrs. Kanye West has cost her money. She missed out on modeling gigs and roles on reality TV shows like The Shahs of Sunset and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Damn. Poor girl is missing out on all that Shahs of Sunset cash? Don’t worry, though, Aslani is apparently “A blogger with her own jewelry line who is on the cusp of releasing a book about doggy treats.” I hope that book is only going to be one page long, read, “Doggy treats. Dogs fucking love them” and nothing else.

Here are a few photos from two years ago, when she wasn’t looking AT ALL like Kim Kardashian.

Then again, this was taken in 2011 and I’d be lying if I didn’t say Milana Aslani looks a helluva lot like Kardashian in that photo.

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