Kim Kardashian Posted ANOTHER Nude Photo On Twitter Last Night

by 3 years ago


We have a strict Kardashian ban around these parts. It might not seem that way because we just posted about her yesterday, but if we’re being honest, shit like this can’t be ignored.

I hate myself for even posting this, just like you hate yourself for clicking on it and wanting to see Kim Kardashian’s naked body. We all make mistakes, though, so let’s not beat ourselves up about veering from our normally perfect paths in life to look at some reality TV smut. It’s not like we have ever had other moments of weakness in our flawless lives.

Anyway, since I have nothing nice to say, let’s just get right to it. Here’s Kim Kardashian’s second nude tweet of the week.

And just in case you missed her nude efforts yesterday, here that is too.

Now if you’ll kindly excuse me, I need to go try to find some self-respect and maybe one reason as to why I should keep living.

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