Kimiko Glenn, AKA ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Inmate Brook Soso, Is Really Good At Instagram

Orange Is The New Black is one of those shows that when it first began had a cast filled with a who’s who of who’s that outside of Laura Prepon, Jason Biggs and maybe Kate Mulgrew. Some people out there might have known who Natasha Lyonne (another American Pie alum) was and perhaps Taryn Manning, but the rest were for the most part unknown.

Now that we’re five seasons in, however, a bunch of these actors and actresses are very familiar faces. And we still hardly know anything about them. For example, Taylor Schilling has been the lead actress for five years now and I still don’t know squat about her.

Here’s another example… How about the very entertaining actress who plays Skinhead Helen and figures prominently along with her Team Latte cohorts in season five? Did you know that she looks COMPLETELY different in real life?

What I am getting at is there is some real talent on that show and we don’t know dick about them. One of my favorite characters, who came on board in season three and has a major part in the latest season, is Brook Soso played by 28-year-old Kimiko Glenn.

Did you know that Glenn was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and began acting in local theaters when she was in the fifth grade? Or that in 2016 she acted on Broadway in the musical Waitress with music done by Sara Bareilles? Or that she’s a REALLY good follow on Instagram? You do now.