Kourtney Kardashian Honored Her Mother On Mother’s Day So Beautifully (JK, She Posted A Pic Of Herself, Naked)

This is Kardashian Marketing 101: Never, Under Any Circumstance, Let Anyone Steal Your Shine. So on the one day of the year where mothers get praise for shelving their dreams to exert all their energy and resources to their piss ant kids for the rest of their lives, Kourtney Kardashian thought it would be in good taste to throw out a naked picture of herself. Ya, fuck you Kris. This is kind of like when those obnoxious girls on Facebook “honor” their friend on their birthdays with a picture of the two of them–it would be a kind gesture if they didn’t knowingly choose the one photo where they look like a glamour model and the friend looks like she just caught leprosy. I used to hate the Kardashians for this shameless, unrelenting self-promotion, but now I view them as visionaries. They realized far before any of us that no one is going to give a shit about you if you don’t give a shit about yourself. So if it takes posting a selfie on Mother’s Day and totally ignoring the fact that someone pushed you out of their vagina, so be it. Dog eat dog world.


9/11. Never forget.

Thanks, Columbus!

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