Go Ahead And Tell Yourself You’re Not Into Kylie Jenner, I Don’t Buy It

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OK, bros, I know I’ve been getting a hell of a lot of slack for posting so much Kylie Jenner lately, but after the chick turned 18 years old the other day, she has been going H.A.M on Instagram, posting a bunch of pics that remind us all that, yes, the Kardashian’s have some sexy genes.

Complain all you want to about the overexposure of Ms. Kylie all you want to, but if you really think that I’ll believe you’re not into the girl, you’re crazier than that ex-girlfriend of yours who used to yell at you every time she got wasted.

Here’s more proof that Kylie is the queen of the Interwebs this week.


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relax w meee

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