Lea Michele Just Added Some Sultry New Shots To Her Ongoing ‘Bedroom Series’ Of Pics

Sometime last year former Glee and Scream Queens star Lea Michele started doing this neat thing on Instagram she was calling the “Bed Series.” It was basically her posting semi-weekly photos to Instagram of herself in or on her bed wearing little to no clothing. Needless to say, that is something that got my attention so I have been keeping tabs on this very fun little photographic series she has created ever since.

Then for some reason this week, whether she accidentally forgot what she’d been calling it, or just decided to make a subtle change, she altered the title of the photo series to the “Bedroom Series.” It still features Michele wearing little to no clothing while in or on her bed so the actual name of the series is really irrelevant anyway. The concept is the important thing here.

Whatever it’s called, it must be working for her, because now she’s got a new acting job on another TV series called The Mayor which was just ordered to series by ABC in May. Not sure when the show will actually begin airing, but as long she keeps this photographic series rolling on social media I will be sure to keep an eye out.

Check out even more pics from Lea Michele’s “Bed(room) Series” here.

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