Did We Really Leave Katy Perry Out of This Week’s Hottie Index?

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It’s a crazy kinda Hottie Index week when Katy Perry gets left out. That’s right. She appeared in a GQ Russia shoot (because she’s huge in Russia!) and then some high resolution photos for Cosmo. Or maybe she made the Index by these mentions? Sorry those boobs of hers just make me stupid. Let’s see who else is involved this week.

Nathalie Emmanuel


We all love Game of Thrones for the sex and violence. Nudity sometimes comes out of nowhere and that’s exactly what happened when Emmanuel, better known as Missandei to the GoT junkies out there. Next thing you know she was standing in a creek bathing topless. That was lucky. Maybe we’ll get even more lucky if she hooks up with Grey Worm and we’ll see some more. (No, I didn’t read the books because I’m not trying to spoil the story, so don’t ruin it for everyone if you did!)

Caroline Wozniacki


It is believed that Rory McElroy broke up with Wozniacki last week, but the way things have developed since you’d think it’s the other way around. Woz has been hanging out on the beach in Miami, posting selfies, and buying penthouses. She clearly seems to be doing okay. Maybe that witch-like photo she posed on her Twitter page as her new avatar is part of some spell she’s cast on herself and Rory. I’m sure both of them will be alright, but if this is how Woz handles her breakups then she should break up more often. Love the bikini pics.

Eva Green


First there was a Jessica Alba poster from Sin City that got everyone’s juices flowing. Not to be outdone, Green now has her own poster and it possibly goes beyond what Alba delivered. Green’s posted was banned by the MPAA because it was too hot. God forbid there be shadows of boobs in a photo. By banning it, it’s possible the MPAA produced more interested in the poster. Sometimes you just let sleeping dogs lie, but the dogs on Green do look pretty good.

Sofia Vergara


She’s single again. Yes, Vergara has tossed fiancée Nick Loeb to the curb because he was a nobody. The guy should’ve been bowing at her feet instead of trying to use her to make him successful. Cool story, Bro. No one cares about you. Vergara’s wonderful butt is free to roam and roam it will.

Chloe Bennet


Bennett might be an unfamiliar name to you unless you watched Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this year on ABC. She was on the show Nashville, but I didn’t see that and I doubt you did either. The Chicago native just has something sexy about her. It was evident on S.H.I.E.L.D. and it’s evident in the few snapshots taken in the recent Esquire photo shoot. I know I’m not the only one who wants to rip that tank top right off of her.

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