Popular, Sexy Gamer Girl On Twitch Gets Banned After Accidentally Flashing Her Viewers

by 2 years ago

26-year-old Lea May, aka LegendaryLea from San Diego, is one of those people who play video games on the streaming service Twitch while people watch. Still hard to believe that is actually a real thing these days, but… you know, it most definitely is.

She’s quite popular, but I’m not 100% sure that it’s just because she’s really good at video games or super entertaining. While she could be both of those things she also happens to be quite attractive (see photo above) and something tells me that avid gamers are just as interested in watching her as they are watching her play a game. Call it a gut feeling.

Anyhoo, recently Lea was live-streaming herself playing a little Dark Souls when as she went to get something off screen she accidentally flashed her nether regions. At least that’s what was reported to Twitch which proceeded to ban her for 30 days. They apparently have a strict no vagina policy. Go figure.

Why anyone who watches a woman play video games for their entertainment would report her on this I have NO idea, but as it stands she’s currently under suspension.

Lea, for her part, denies that she did anything wrong, however.

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