Let’s Investigate Who The Ridiculously Hot Beauty Queen/Fitness Models Posing Topless On Dan Bilzerian’s Jet Are

by 3 years ago


Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram account is exploding with women, more women, boobs, pussy, guns, women, 500 women, 600 women, and uh, let me think…more women. And they’re all SMOKING hot (well, most of them anyway. There’s a few busted faces in there who’ve got 10/10 bodies and it’s not like I should be one to talk shit anyway)…but who are the ladies down here, who’ve all somehow forgotten their shirts despite spending an entire day lounging around on Dan Bilzerian’s private jet?
Don’t know if you gotta go through security when you’re just flying on someone’s personal plane, but you’d think you’d at least remember to pack a shirt. But who are these ladies?

#1: Mabelynn Capeluj, aka Miss California USA 2013


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