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Young girls definitely have their perks. Their metabolisms run faster to keep them lean and mean. They’re always looking to party. And their minge isn’t too beat up because they’ve only seen so many dudes in their day. So let’s celebrate youth by showcasing three under 21s in this week’s Index, plus a few of the slightly older birds because they need love to.

Mallory Edens


The NBA Draft Lottery is a cruel evening for most NBA teams and their fan bases. There can never be more than 3 winners with the way the system sets up, and often a team that looked gifted for a top three pick gets screwed out of their projected spot. In a draft with three elite players, that’s a meaningful situation. Milwaukee was slated with the best odds for the No. 1 overall pick and sent the cute Edens to the draft. The daughter of the new Bucks’ owner apparently wasn’t a good luck charm as the Bucks’ dropped to the second pick. But at least she looked damn good. Someone find out what college she’s attending in the fall. The Bros want to know!

Kendall Jenner

If there’s anything Jenner knows, it’s sideboob. Girl was showing it off this past week all over the place. First she posted a couple pics on Instagram with a little sideboob thrown in there. She obviously knew what she was doing when she posted it. Then she rolls over to the Billboard Music Awards in an outfit that shows off a little more sideboob. At least she knows where her bread is buttered. At 18, it’s easy to keep the weight off, but I’ll be curious to see how she looks in 10 years.

Katy Perry & Shakira

Speaking of the Billboard Music Awards, Perry & Shakira shined as well. You’re probably wondering why these two girls are grouped together for one spot and the answer is simple: boobs. Both of them caught our eye at the awards by involving their boobs in their on-stage routine. Perry juggled hers. Shakira tried to show us a little more of hers. Pack that in with Jenner and I’d say this is my new favorite awards show.

Alexandria Morgan


You see the name Alex Morgan and you probably think I’m about to rap to you about the soccer hottie we all love. While we do love Morgan (she was up to her old tricks this week too), we’re here to unveil Alexandria Morgan as the next big thing. Kate Upton stole our attention with her USA bikini last summer and it’s the 20-year-old Morgan taking her place while repping the country this summer. When you see her tits squished together in a red, white, and blue bikini top, it’ll make you love our country more than you ever thought you could.

Zoe Saldana


We wrap up the week with a pretty amusing news bite. Saldana is starting to get on the PR train for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ which looks like one of the most entertaining flicks we’ll see this summer. Sure she’s got the green body paint, but maybe some of you guys are into that alien shit. It came to light last week that Saldana has one of the most memorable locations for having sex. How many people do you know have had sex in between subway cars in New York City? The crazy thing was that she actually had no problem telling the story. Way to make us New Yorkers proud.

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