What It’s Like to Direct Your First Adult Film (When You’re Also Starring In It)

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Editor’s Note: Maddy O’Reilly is an adult film star making her directorial debut in “Maddy O’Reilly is Slutwoman.” We asked Maddy to keep a diary for us during filming so you could read all about her experiences. Here is Day One. 

Hi Bros,

Today is day one on the set of Elegant Angel’s “Maddy O’Reilly is Slutwoman.” This movie is very special to me because it marks two firsts in my career: my directorial debut, and my very first attempt at double penetration—also known as one in the pink and one in the stink. I’m not sure which makes me more nervous. While the thought of shooting one of porn’s most iconic series is stressful, I’m scared of combusting internally during the DP. I know it’s weird, but that’s the image that keeps going through my head. Like a vampire on True Blood when it’s staked, I see myself disintegrating when that second penis pokes my brown-eye.

Most people wonder how one goes about preparing for this circus act. Physically, it’s like any other anal day—no Taco Bell. We don’t want Slutwoman turning into Scatwoman. But, really, there’s no way to prepare for a DP. It’s like skydiving. You commit mentally that you’re going to jump, and pray that everything will work itself out. I, for one, can’t wait to make the jump.

Elegant Angel’s MimeFreak is co-directing “Slutwoman” with me. We’re shooting the scene in his old hood. The area is so unfamiliar to me. I’ve only heard outrageous tales about the place. Mime, however, assures me our shooting location is safe, and that the city is just going to serve as an awesome backdrop to this part of our story. I know he’s telling me the truth, but I’m going to ignore what he says. I feel a lot more turned on believing we’re shooting somewhere we shouldn’t, somewhere dangerous and dirty.


My scene partners are Rico Strong and Wesley Pipes, two very large black men. The scene calls for me to be in control because I’m submissive by nature and want to take this opportunity to grow sexually—I know, you’re rolling your eyes, but it’s true. I want to use the Slutwoman character to do things I’ve shied away from before. Of course, things don’t go exactly as planned. I stay in charge up until the DP. But, once both guys are inside me, I go nuts. I’m screaming my head off when someone, not sure who, says something about… double-vaginal penetration.

WTF… that’s what I thought I’d say, but instead yell, “Fuck it! Do it! Stick it in!” Totally spontaneous. I mean, truthfully, I would have agreed to anything at that point. As the sex gets harder, internal combustion comes to mind again. But, to my surprise, my body handles it all like a walk in the park. A very narrow walk in the park, but a totally enjoyable one. I must have been born with SLUT in my blood. The whole experience still feels surreal to me… and it’s only day-one! There’s so much more to do. Stay tuned, Bros! And, follow me on Twitter @MaddyOreillyxxx.


Maddy O’Reilly

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