Lili Simmons Is the Hot Actress from ‘True Detective’ Who Wants to Get Nasty with Marty

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For the sake of all things righteously awesome, I sure as shit hope you’re caught up on True Detective today. Last night’s episode about Marty and Cohle’s domestic fallout and sexual escapades made for perhaps one of the most combustible sexual episodes in HBO history. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In this past week’s episode we are introduced to Beth, Marty’s new mistress to stray with in 2002, who happens to be one of the all-grown-up girls from the hillbilly brothel ranch he and Cohle visited back in 1995. They meet when Marty pays a visit to T-Mobile, followed by some chemistry at a bar. This leads to a sex scene that’s just as hot as the one with Alexandra Daddario. There’s also this fantastic exchange:



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To save you some Google time, the actresses who plays Beth is Lili Simmons. You might know her from her topless scenes in Cinemax’s “Banshee.” She’s also done some modeling work for Maxim. Hot GIFs like this one on Tumblr are a-plenty.

Follow her on Twitter here, Bros… I think she’s earned that follow…


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