Stunning Lindsey Pelas And Hot Friends Had The Sexiest And Messiest BBQ Ever!

The fine folks over at First Slice assembled a super team of scintillating models together for the hottest BBQ ever ever ever. They enlisted the talents of breathtakingly sensational Lindsey Pelas, captivatingly amazing Charm Killings and the tantalizingly fantastic Tamra D. They have all the accoutrements of a proper barbeque including burgers, beer, wings, ribs and of course boobies. Big ones!

There were some mistakes made however. Everyone knows you keep corn in the husk when you cook it on the grill to keep it from drying out. And why are they cooking the burgers on a fish grate! And who doesn’t marinade their wings overnight before they grill them! They didn’t even toast their hamburger buns!

Maybe I’m being a bit too nitpicky.

Yeah, I’m being way too critical. Everything looked tittay-lickin’ good.


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