Wait, Aunt Becky, I Mean Lori Loughlin, Is 53 Now? And She Looks Like This In A Sports Bra?

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Did you realize that Lori Loughlin has been acting since 1979? Because I didn’t. That’s…hold on…carry the two…38 years? Good lord, she doesn’t even LOOK like she’s 38. Hmmm, she wasn’t even on Full House until 1988 though. What the heck did she do before that? [Consults Wikipedia]

At 15, she was cast in the ABC soap opera The Edge of Night, playing the part of Jody Travis, an aspiring dancer, appearing in the series from 1980 to 1983. From 1983 to 1988, Loughlin appeared in a number of feature films and television guest spots. On July 3, 1983, she starred in the pilot The Tom Swift/Linda Craig Mystery Hour as Linda Craig, an amateur detective. The pilot was based on the Tom Swift and Linda Craig series. The pilot aired to low ratings and the project was abandoned.

The Tom Swift/Linda Craig Mystery Hour? Man, the 80s were weird. Okay, never heard of any of those, but at least now we’re up to the part where she played many a boy’s childhood crush Rebecca Donaldson on Full House. Ah, I almost forgot about her appearing on that sitcom with Tony Danza, Hudson Street. Maybe that’s because it only lasted one season.

She did do a lot of TV films, but almost no big screen flicks. Wonder why that is? I do remember her being on 90210 for a few years. Wait, she’s starring in a show that’s on TV now? And it’s called When Calls the Heart? Oh, it’s on the Hallmark Channel. No wonder I’ve never heard of nor seen it.

So basically, at age 53 and 38 years into her career, Loughlin is doing two shows: that Hallmark one and Fuller House.

No wonder she still looks this fit. She must literally never stop moving.

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Here are a few more highlights from her and her ‘gram…

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