Kate Moss’ Sexy 18-Year-Old Sister Lottie Has A Wonderfully Borderline NSFW Snapchat Game

by 3 years ago

Everyone knows who Kate Moss is, right? The British supermodel, legendary for both her modeling as well as her much-publicized partying ways? Yeah, you know her.

Did you know that she has an 18-year-old sister named Lottie Moss? Well, half-sister technically. They both have the same dad and get this, they are both models. Go figure! In fact, they even both had their first fashion shoots for Calvin Klein.

Anyway, yeah, so now you know.

Another thing you might find interesting is that Lottie Moss just got a new tattoo.

Why would you find that interesting?

Because she showed it to us on Snapchat by posing topless rocking the always appreciated handbra.

lottie moss handbra new tattoo

Lottie Moss, Snapchat

Cool, huh?

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