Maisie Williams In A Thong With No Top On May Not Break The Internet, But It Sure Is Blowing Up

by 1 year ago

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So, the last time we checked on one of our favorite Starks, Maisie Williams, she was posing in a bra getting her boob grabbed by her Game of Thrones sister Sophie Turner.

That was a really good day.

But you know what?

Today is somehow even better.

Why? Because some sexy pictures of Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark, have been breaking the internet today. Why again? Oh, because she’s topless in a thong.

First, this photo of Maisie topless in a bikini bottom has been blowing up all over Instagram…

Then these photos, which have all the Reddit fanboys in a tizzy have also gone viral. Warning: They are very, very good.

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