Our Readers Are Left To Make Decisions in This Week’s Hottie Index

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Mila Kunis
There are a lot of celebrities out there who wanted nothing to do with regular people. There are those that do their share for the common man. And then there's Mila Kunis. Kunis already did her part when she agreed to go to the Marine Corps Ball with one of our country's heroes. She must've gotten some training while at the Ball because she was saving lives this week. When one of her house workers started having a seizure, she helped stabilize him until the paramedics arrived. And I’m sure she looked her usual cute self while doing it. Props to Mila for staying true.

Milla Jovovich
Add an “L” to the first name and we’ve got our second candidate named Milla on this week’s Hottie Index. It’s been a long time since Jovovich first burst onto the scene in “The Fifth Element,” but that’s really the thing she’s remembered the most for. This week, however, she’ll be remembered for baring her ass. She showed both cheeks while filming an Avon commercial in New York City this week. If whatever she’s promoting guaranteed women to have rear-ends like that, the product will be flying off the shelf.

Sofia Vergara
Usually single women the age of Vergara are looking to settle down, find their lifelong mate, and have kids if they haven’t gotten there yet. Vergara was married once, but it’s been 18 years since the birth of her child and the divorce from that husband. She’s been bouncing around ever since and doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. She broke up with her long-time boyfriend this past week and my assumption is that he didn’t want his slam piece partying hard with Jessica Alba on Cinco De Mayo. Nobody can hold Vergara, a natural blonde, down, so she kicked her man to the curb is looking elsewhere for someone to appreciate her beautiful milk cannons.

Shauna Sand
It’s been a while since Shauna Sand graced the pages of Playboy, but that legacy has never left her. Now she’s got a new legacy – getting caught having sex with a rando on the beach. It looks like some no holds barred sex too. What’s not photographed is the photographer taking some Kleenex out of his bag and rubbing one out in between shots. She may be 40 and full of work to her body, but you wouldn’t blame the photographer for taking a few minutes out of his long day to enjoy himself.

Aubrey O’Day
I don’t watch Celebrity Apprentice, but there are enough people who do to keep the show on the air. O’Day has apparently been a lightning rod for controversy this season. It’s possible her co-stars (and I use that term “star” loosely) are jealous of her looks that once put her in Playboy. But one wouldn’t think that would affect Arsenio Hall (hoo hoo hoo hoo), who called O’Day a sl*t after getting fired against her in last week’s boardroom. Of course O’Day claimed she wasn’t a sl*t, but then posted a picture on her Twitter feed that tells us otherwise. Just embrace your slutdom and be done with it!

Now tell us, who is this week's top hottie?

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