Five Surefire Methods To Make-Out With A Chick At a Bar

by 8 years ago

1. That's What Bros Are For

My favorite bar move in the book. hands down. So you're with your bros at the bar when a group of girls walk into the bar. There's always (hopefully) at least one hot one and at least one unattractive one. Perfect. Tell your friends you're going to go talk to them and head straight for the one who didn't hit the genepool lottery. Now simply and honestly explain to her that your friend over there (point to your buddy at the table who pulls the most tail) thinks that she's really cute. She'll blush and bat her little eyelashes at which point you invite them over for a drink. Now go back and make all of the necessary introductions, and while your boy get's hit on by a narwhal, you get to make your move on the ice maiden.

2. The Diamond in the Rough

If you spot a group of average looking chicks hanging out with one that's a 10, go up to on of the knockout's friends and chat her up. To the hot friend, you'll look like 'nice guy Greg' for showing that looks aren't everything and the ugly chick will be happy she's getting attention while her hot friend is not. Now is when you introduce yourself to the rest of the group and ultimately disappoint plain Jane by starting to talk to her 10-friend — your plan from the get go and next thing you know you're moving on to #5.


Ask a girl to dance. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. And, if you're like me and you dance like a newborn giraffe learning how to walk, there's a 95% chance either she has her back to you or she's too drunk close to you to notice how retarded you look. The only people who will notice are your brofriends sitting in the corner drinking by themselves and laughing at you while you lean in and show your girl how her newfound bar-time boyfriend gets his Dance Floor Make-Out on.

4. The Smokeshow

Despite popular misconception, hot chicks like the same things their less attractive counterparts do and sometimes this makes things even easier. Look around the bar. Spot the smokeshow blond sitting alone while her friend gets hit on? Now look around and every guy is awkwardly sneaking peeks at her.

What do you do?

Man the f*ck up and go talk to her — but be quick. The longer you sit there thinking of something stupid to say the better chance you have at giving your opportunity the ol' “Ahhh, she's leaving? Really? After just 2-hours? I was just about to talk to her.” If you're not a little b*tch, you'll never have to worry about that.

Additionally, talking to her immediately shows you're confident and in her league. And if all else fails, there's always suggestion #5.

5. The Old Classic

Offer a girl a shot. Don't bother with cocktails or beers as they take far too longto make any real progress with, while shots immediately say “sure, whatever, I'm down!” I'm a tequila man myself, but unfortunately most girls aren't (and if they are, do you really want to be shelling out $15 Patron shots all night?).

A bar around the corner from my apartment does this promo called Get Frenched Fridays where they give away two free shots of Grand Marnier to anyone willing to make out at the bar — a la 'getting Frenched.'

Girls absolutely love it (even with each other — see video above), and while your local bar might not offer such a discount, this doesn't mean you can't cough up a few wooden nickels from the piggy bank for the sake of kissing strangers.

A couple more shots and you'll be Big Mouthed Making Out the door with your sexy bar-time ladyfriend Ashley.

Or was it Amy?

Tried any of these methods with any success in the past? DFMO? Getting Frenched? Or have another method you'd like to share? Let us know your technique the comments section below.

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