Here’s Mariah Carey Showing Off Maximum Cleavage Because That’s How You Dress For A Bat Mitzvah, Right?

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Mariah Carey Bat Mitzvah

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This weekend Mariah Carey’s manager Stella’s daughter had your usual million dollar or so bat mitzvah and apparently this is the kind of outfit you wear to such a gathering. Who knew? Also, how does one get an invite to these things? Asking for a friend.

Anyway, back to Mariah. She was the main attraction at this shindig, headlining he party at the famous 1 OAK in West Hollywood, so I guess she just wanted to look her best for 13-year-old Mishka Bulochnikov and her friends and family. I totally get it.

Reports TMZ about the party…

The event was insane … a 500 lb chocolate and red velvet cake, mini Kanye from Jeff Beacher’s Madhouse, a Bentley golf cart which Mishka got as a present, a DJ from Power 105 … but the thing is … it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to rent the club out on a Friday night.

The best part of the video, other than Mariah Carey wearing an outfit that later led to an actual nip slip, was her reaction when someone said “mazel tov” to her and she reacted by replying, “What?”

Never change, Mariah. Never change.

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