Mariah Carey Shared Some Bikini-Busting Vacay Pics Because She’s Mariah Damn Carey

by 3 years ago
mariah carey bikini boobs

Mariah Carey, Instagram

Mariah Carey is awesome. I don’t even know the last time that she put out a song or an album. Could have been last week for all I know, but it really doesn’t matter, she’s still awesome. She’s the diva all new divas aspire to be some day.

Girl is 45, been bringing it strong for over 20 years, and frankly doesn’t ever look like she really gives a fuck anymore. Lip sync fails? Meh. Wearing candy bras on Instagram on Valentine’s Day to try to lure her now ex-husband home? Why the hell not? And now she’s got herself a nutty billionaire boyfriend. Life is good.

Then there are these pics she posted to Instagram over the weekend. Does that look like someone who gives a damn? Hell no. Love her. Keep it up, Mariah. You’re golden.

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