McKayla Maroney Dropped A New Video Of Herself Dancing On Instagram And It Doesn’t Suck

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McKayla Maroney may not be competing in gymnastics anymore (she retired in 2016), but she’s still got this whole “how to stay famous without actually doing anything” schtick figured out.

She has come to the realization that it doesn’t even require her to post on social media more than a few times a month if you do it right. Though I am not sure what else she’s been doing with her time that would prohibit her from posting more often.

I know that back in August of 2016 Maroney said she was going to get into the singing business.

Throwing herself into music has helped Maroney make peace with the new direction her life has taken. Recently, she’s been working on a new single called “Ghost” that will be out September 8. “I like to say my genre is vulnerable pop because it’s all melody and lyrically driven and heart driven,” she said, adding that her “favorite thing to sing about is love” and Taylor Swift is one of her big inspirations.

Sooo, did that song ever come out? Because I don’t recall hearing anything about it since then.

Let’s see what else she’s been up to…consults Wikipedia

In May 2017, Maroney posted a video of herself dancing in a thong on Instagram, which Maroney confirmed that she posted herself and wasn’t hacked. It led to criticism from those who saw her as a role model to young girls, which she later stated on Twitter that she isn’t despite public perception of her.

Oh yeah, I remember that. Hmmm…that’s all it says. She does mention that she’s still been working on her music in some of her Instagram captions. Anyway, here’s that video I promised…

And here are some other things Maroney has thrown on her ‘gram since we last checked in on her along with some of her greatest hits of 2017…

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