Meet Katie From the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, BroBible’s Girl to Bring Home to Mom

by 8 years ago

Name: Katie
Age: 20
College/current city: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Relationship status: Dating a frat star (sorry guys)
Dream job: The next Erin Andrews

Why will Mom love you?
I tend to run in packs of guys and they love finally having a girl around. I can talk for hours about anything and what Mom doesn't like that after being around boys all day errrday? I'm also loyal to a fault and she knows I've got her baby's back.

Which decision in your life made your own Mom most upset with/disappointed in you?
Probably the day I first decided to wear a dress when I was like 14. She loved her little tomboy.

What shouldn't we tell Mom about you?
Probably about my tattoos and Irish temper.

What's your favorite dish to cook for a Bro?
Tacos and Fratty-Lite.

What would you do or say if Mom walked in on us having sex?
I'd probably thank her for the gifts she's given her son.

What would your dream date entail?
Chipotle on the lake, a water bottle of whiskey, and a Cubs game in the bleachers.

Favorite sport?
To play, soccer. To watch, hockey or lax.

Who is the biggest “bro” in Hollywood?
Ryan Reynolds no question


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