Megan Fox Shot A Bunch Of New Lingerie Pics For Frederick’s And They Definitely Do Not Suck

You were aware that Megan Fox has been supplementing her income from doing those two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, the only films she’s been in since 2012, with some lingerie modeling for Frederick’s of Hollywood, right? I hope so, but if not, I will be more than happy to bring you up to speed.

Megan Fox has been doing some lingerie modeling for Frederick’s of Hollywood. There, you’re all caught up. Oh, wait, she also wore some lingerie for a watch company earlier this year. Because that’s how you sell a quality timepiece. Now you’re caught up.

I guess she is going to appear in a movie directed by James Franco at some point this year or next called Zeroville. It also stars Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell and Danny McBride, but it was shot way back in 2014 and just hasn’t been released yet so it must be a doozy of a flick.

Which is why, I assume, the 31-year-old Fox has taken this gig as a lingerie model. Not that she isn’t up to the task. She most definitely is. The photos in this series have been outstanding. Check out the latest shots…

Good, right? Told you.

Here are some of the previous pics and video from the series in case you’re just finding out about this now. And even if you already knew, well, no harm in seeing them again is there?