Brazzers Went To 4chan Users And Asked Them To Write A Script, The Result is ‘Meme Lover’ And It’s 100% WTF

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If you’re not familiar with 4chan it’s simultaneously the seedy underbelly of the Internet AND the genuine life blood of the web. As much as teenagers these days think that most memes originate on Tumblr they’re wrong as hell, the genesis of nearly every meme to ever hit the Internet can typically be traced back to 4chan. That’s why the porn site Brazzers hopped on 4chan, an anonymous message and image board, and asked users to crowd source them a script for an original porn video.

The end result was ‘Meme Lover’, a video that’s been cut down into a safe for work trailer (though the language is a bit raunchy), and it’s fanfuckingtastic. I’m being honest here, I tried to count the number of meme references in the 5 minutes and I lost count very, very quickly. There’s simply too many memes and image macros to keep up with here, so I’ll leave it to you bros to try and keep track of them all:

BuzzFeed’s currently reporting that the name of the video is ‘Meme Love‘, not Meme Lover. Which is kind of hilarious because Brazzers tweeted BuzzFeed’s link with the hashtag #MemeLover, so someone should go ahead and tell the cat-lovers of BuzzFeed to switch their copy. That minor mistake aside, they do actually have some good info on this video:

The film revolves around the Bane family, who have that name because, well… they’re all related to Bane (you know, from Batman)
Danny Bane brings his new girlfriend home to meet his parents, who spend the whole film mask-clad, and he is struck with an identity crisis when he is asked by his parents why he doesn’t also wear a Bane mask.
Lines that most would be familiar with, like “just fuck my shit up” and “one does not simply walk into Mordor” are transformed into rather more… sexual versions, namely “one does not simply stick a cock in the ass.”

You of course know all of this already because you just watched that incredible video above. Now I can’t link direct to the XXX video here, but I know that you bros are pretty savvy and can find it simply by googling ‘Brazzers Meme Lover XXX’….Just do that and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

[h/t BuzzFeed]

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