Mercedes Terrell Officially Has All Of My Attention

by 4 years ago

Prior to this morning when I do my typical Instagram stalking of hot chicks, I knew next to nothing about this girl named Mercedes Terrell. After spending some time familiarizing myself with her sexy self, I’d really like to get to know her on a more personal level—because, damn, she has it going on.

Somehow stumbling upon her Instagram account, Mercedes pretty much won me over from the beginning, unafraid that she’s totally OK with flashing some skin for the camera.

Look, it says in her Instagram profile that she’s a Model, Designer, & bonafide Weirdo—but I find nothing weird at all about looking as sexy as she does, so thank you, Mercedes Terrell, you have earned all of my attention this afternoon.

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#bellator140 goin live shortly on #spike

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