Allow Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa To Explain Why Having Big Boobs Sucks In The Summer

by 2 years ago

Mia Khalifa needs no introduction here at BroBible. If you don’t know the name, see above. Or just use Google (like you haven’t…). She embodies everything we stand for as human beings: She rocks lax pinnies with Wedding Crashers references, calls out thirsty NFL players for sliding into her DMs, hates Kobe Bryant, loves Whataburger, and once tried to seduce Braxton Miller away from Ohio State to FSU. Did we add that she’s a D.C. sports fan? It’s not hard to figure that out if you follow her on Twitter.

Mia is now making videos for The Berry, The Chive‘s chick-centric website. You’ll probably dig her first effort about why having big knockers is pretty annoying in the summer — a subject we’ve tackled in the past.

I feel so educated after watching it. If I keep eating buffalo wings and danky IPAs at my current pace, I’ll be able to completely commiserate with her about boob sweat in a few years. The dad bod game is strong, Bros.

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