Mia Khalifa’s Maryland Lacrosse Game Is On Fleek 24/7

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There are many reasons why ddult film star Mia Khalifa has super star status in the Bro world: She has a contract with Bang Bros, she’s an FSU football super-fan who knows how to troll Braxton Miller, she loves Whataburger, and, most importantly to Bros who care to lax, lacrosse is her game.

If you follow her on Twitter, you know how much the adult film star tweets about lacrosse. Original from the mid-Atlantic lacrosse hot bed of the DMV, her enthusiasm for Maryland lacrosse is rabid.

Yesterday that dream came true:

It doesn’t stop there. Her Amazon wish list for fans to buy her stuff also includes quite a few lacrosse items:






She also tweets quit consistently tweets about lacrosse.

Watch out, Paul Rabil:

Crab cakes, lacrosse, and Mia Khalifa. That’s what Maryland does.

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