Miley Cyrus Went On A Boob-Filled Instagram Photo Spree That Shows So Much Skin It’s Practically Porn

by 4 years ago


I wanted to make the title for this post something like “Blah blah blah Hottie Miley Cyrus blah blah blah,” but I can’t in good conscience do that anymore. In a traditional sense, “hot” is bikini selfies and lingerie and other shit. Miley, while she’s still a pretty girl, has crossed over into some weird shit. Like covering your tits in sprinkles isn’t exactly what most people consider “hot,” right? Armpit hair also typically isn’t hot unless you’ve got a fetish about that sort of thing…but who am I to judge? Maybe this sort of thing is right up your alley, in which case today is your lucky fuckin’ day!

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