Miley Cyrus Posed Naked…Again, Made 6 Semi-Related Videos

miley cyrus v magazine

YouTube/V Magazine

Apparently pop stars like Miley Cyrus didn’t get the memo that when you pose naked ALL the time it tends to lose some of it’s shock value. Then again, hey, it’s Miley Cyrus naked so, you know…

Of course we can’t actually show you Miley Cyrus naked for V magazine here (but keep reading), so we have the next very bestest thing: Six (yes, six) videos that V magazine has done over the past seven days talking to Miley as a part of her latest nakedfest. (No idea what happened to Day 4. She must have needed a break from this grueling interview session.)

My favorite part of these videos? When the interviewer asks Miley, “How far would you go with someone you just met?” and she responds, “Depends how many drinks I’ve had.”

As for Miley’s naked photo shoot, I think you will find what you seek here: (cut/paste into your browser)

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