Here’s An Amazing Miley Cyrus Twerking Supercut Because It Simply Needed To Be Made

by 5 years ago
miley cyrus twerk


“Alright I can’t sing, I can’t act, I’m dumb, I’m a hillbilly, but I can twerk, so what-ever,” says Miley Cyrus near the beginning of this supercut of her twerking put together by PopCrush.

And Miley’s right, at least about that last part.

Twerking on Santa Claus, twerking on Robin Thicke, twerking in a unicorn costume, twerking on stage at a Juicy J concert, twerking on stage and in music videos, it’s really got it all. (With her twerking in a colonial gown on Saturday Night Live being the exception. What? We know our Miley Cyrus twerks.)

The condensed version…

Not to be left out, they also have a supercut of Nicki Minaj twerking, because how could any discussion of twerking not involve her, right?

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