You Won’t Believe How Many Millions Of Dollars Hot Instagram Models Like Ana Cheri And Abigail Ratchford Are Making

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In case you haven’t noticed, we post quit a few Instagram models here on BroBible. We consider it our solemn oath as Bros to let our fellow Bros know about some of the hotties ladies in the land, especially the ones who put their talents on display for the public on Instagram.

The one thing we haven’t thought about, however, is how much money these ladies are making based off their huge social media profiles. As celebrities, they’re relatively unknown public figures. Yet in the world of Instagram, those millions and millions of followers means millions and millions of dollars in endorsement deals and other business opportunities.

The multi-million dollar careers of Insta-hot models is the subject of a fascinating feature at The Daily Mail. Turns out that a fitness/Playboy model like Ana Cheri — one of the biggest names on Instagram — is raking in something like $3.5 million from deals with the one she has with weight loss supplement company Shredz.

We converted the earnings of 10 Instagram girls with over a million followers from British pounds to American dollars. Turns out that it pays pretty handsomely to be a hot chick with perfect genes who likes to titillate the male imagination with scantily-clad selfies.

Here’s the breakdown:

Ana Cheri — $3,570,000


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