A Smoking Hot Woman Walked Around A Museum Completely Naked In The Name Of Art

Performance artist Milo Moire, 32, stunned visitors of the LWL Museum for Art and Culture in Muenster, Germany when she walked around the museum completely naked cradling a baby in her arms.

Moire, from Switzerland, did the nude walk as a part of her “Naked Life exhibition,” saying she wanted to show “a naked infant safe in the arms of a naked woman” at the exhibition which also featured artists Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and David Hockney. None of them were naked, or in attendance for that matter, however.

Here’s a description of this latest work…

In keeping with the approach of the artists exhibited, Milo Moire brings everyday life to art. And yet, she goes one step further in removing herself from the abstract form of representation and shows her main motif of the naked life: A naked infant safe in the arms of a naked woman. This direct confrontation with live nude art challenges others to reflect on familiar forms of perception. How close may a form of representation in art approach real life? Milo Moire’s performance leaves this question within the realm of the museum: “How little abstraction can art tolerate?”

Needless to say her nude stroll garnered some attention as one attendee, Tobias Meyer, was quoted as saying, “I must admit it was more interesting than the average art exhibition.”

Last year Milo Moire also made headlines for an art exhibit in which she pushed paint-filled eggs out of her vagina. A exhibition that her Web site called “volcanic explosions of colour from her vagina.” Quite a description.

Watch Moire’s entire nude adventure right here. For art’s sake.

H/T Mirror