Miss Colombia Turned Down Her Porn Offer, But Said She’ll Toss Out Some Nudies, So Let’s Call That A Win

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As much as I have a desire to see every single lady in the world have sex (and OH, what a desire it is), I understand that my generic horny wishes in no way trump what women want to do with their own bodies.

I’ll takes what I can gets, and if three plus billion women agree to not do porn, that’s something I’ll just have to live with. Worst case, I’ll masturbate to nothing. You don’t think I can? Well, I’m not sure either. But damned if I won’t try.

After her embarrassing (and possibly scripted) accidental coronation in the Miss Universe contest, Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, was offered one million dollars to shoot a pornography.

The Mexican magazine TVyNovelas asked her about the offer and she said she would not consider doing it.

Good for her. That’s completely her prerogative and a decision I’m glad she made.

Especially since she said she’d still throw out some nudies for the world.

You were offered a porn video and you said you wouldn’t do it for millions of dollars. Would you do it for more money?

Laughs. No I said it as a joke. I would never do it. It doesn’t go with who I am.

Would you do nude photos?

Well, the truth is this is the first time the idea has been presented to me. I have seen nudes that are beautiful, including many former Miss Universe winners, and they have come out really well.

So, you would do it?

Yes, I would. I would never do a porno, but I would do nude photos. As long as it’s not vulgar.

I would look at those.

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