Hot Model Has Her Knockers Bust Out During One Of Those Stupid Dance Competition Shows

by 2 years ago

Those dance competition shows are somehow pretty popular, and the ladies love them because they truly believe that one day a big strong dark-haired Adonis with a rose between his teeth and will cha cha into their life and sweep them off their feet. But in reality, the only thing that will sweep them off their feet is if they drink two bottles of rosé then trip over the litter box of their six cats, all of which are named after characters from Veronica Mars. Now I’ve never seen a single minute of any of those dancing shows (I swear on our lord and savior Harambe), but I believe this clip from a dancing show is the greatest clip of any dancing show.

The risque clip comes to us from the Argentinian dancing competition show Dancing for a Dream. That is where Bélen Francese has what the cool people label as a “wardrobe malfunction” during her dance routine. Bélen’s pesky nipple refuses to stay confined in that steamy top, so it pops out to say hello at the end of the routine. Then a second nip slip happens during the post-dance interview.

I’m suddenly all for the #FreeTheNipple movement.

But don’t you think it’s weird that Bélen did not just have one “whoopsies!” moment, but two “whoopsies!” moments?

I bet the lovely Bélen got quite a few more followers on her Instagram after her nipslip.

👉🍀👈Juro q si das, vuelve 💕

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