The Most Advanced Sex Dolls On Earth Will Run You $12,000 But I’d Be Lying If I Told You I Wasn’t Fighting Off A Chubby

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Are you sick of having sex with human beings? Do you worry that your partner is judging your man boobs while you sweat  profusely over her? Are you sick of her asking ‘Is it in?’ while you’re literally as deep as you can go? Well, bro, your time has come.

A California-based company called RealDoll is reinventing the sex doll game, an industry that has previously propped up pathetic, unrealistic blow up dolls catering to the particularly desperate. The stigma of having a blow up doll is the sexual equivalent to jerking off to a Victoria’s Secret mannequin at the mall. This is also illegal.

But RealDoll may normalize that stigma with the most advanced sex models ever made. For $12,000, a perspective buyer can purchase a custom-made doll and design it down to the very last detail.

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According to Loaded, customers can choose every feature on their doll, including hair color, lip shape, and even nipple size. What’s more, the dolls also come with heated ‘human-like’ genitals and flexible skeletons and will allow intercourse according to their owner’s sexual orientation and tastes. Staff at the Cali-based factory spend 80 hours customizing each doll per the user’s tastes, stretching skin and perfecting the user’s preferred body type through a catalog of 18 female body types.

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If you think about it, these dolls are not too dissimilar from a Kardashian. And they don’t Instagram every step they’ve ever taken.



If you’re looking for a play pal when your significant other is away and have cash to spend, visit their website here.

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