The Most Desirable Woman in the World, Plus the Rest of this Week’s Hottie Index

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Rachel Wray
There are a lot of similarities between cheerleading and women’s MMA. They both involve women, they both involve tight outfits, and they both involve arm and leg movements. Therefore it seems a natural transition for Wray to move from the field as a Kansas City Chiefs’ cheerleader to the octagon. Just don’t make any cooking jokes about her name or she’ll smother you in her chest.

Lexi Ray Taylor
After wrapping up his baseball career, Chipper Jones decided to start fresh on all fronts. Coming off his second divorce, he hit the ground running and picked up Taylor. Movie star Ted would approve of Taylor’s name. There’s not much to know about Taylor other than she’s much younger and used to pose for Playboy? Oh the Playboy part is of interest to you? I never would have thought that.

Sarah Savage
Johnny Football is in year one of what’s going to be a great three year run. It’s going to be tough for him to put together a pro career given that he’s only 6 feet tall, but he surely can dominate the college landscape for the near future. That also means being the big man on campus, giving him the choice of all the ladies. Rumor is A&M doesn’t have the best looking broads, Manziel’s found a looker in Savage to be his current girlfriend. How long she sticks around is a different story.

Brooklyn Decker (photo above)
The last of our sports-themed selections goes to a girl with the best tits this side of Kate Upton. I’ve always preferred Decker as a blonde, but she still looks fucking hot as a brunette. Her character in the two episodes of “The League” that aired on Thursday night was highly entertaining as a rough around the edges, but smoking hot girlfriend of Pete. We’ll take her back on the show any time.

Jennifer Lawrence
Even though she doesn’t fit with the theme around the rest of our hotties, we couldn’t deny Lawrence a play on this week’s list after she was named the leader of AskMen’s 99 women of 2013. She’s got talent, looks, and the ability to wear a tight red dress to the Oscar’s. She takes over the title that Sofia Vergara held last year, so hopefully she does it proud.

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