People Shared Stories Of Their Most Embarrassing Sex Stories And WOW, Mac And Cheese, Really?!

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Today we’re going to talk a little bit about sex. And not just sex, we’re going to take a look at ‘Sex FAILs’, or the most embarrassing sex stories to ever happen. In a recent thread a whole bunch of people opened up to share their most embarrassing sexual debacles, and they’ve got me thinking about just how quickly things can go wrong in the heat of the moment.

You’re inches from some chick, naked, and a deadly fart leaks out with a noxious odor so bad it could peel the paint off walls. These are memories that can keep you up at night either laughing your ass off or wondering where it all went wrong (depending on how things went afterwards). And these are the types of stories we’ll see below, so let’s get started…By the way, some of these are pretty NSFW by nature even if they’re just stories, so you should know what you’re getting yourself into before reading. (via AskReddit)

I had been dating this girl who loved derogatory dirty talk. She always wanted me to call her a slut etc during the action. We dated for years, it basically became part of my routine. First partner afterwards:
“Yeah, you’re daddy’s little slut!”
“What the fuck did you just say????”
Hello darkness my old friend….

my buddy was with a girl that was more experienced than him. mid coitus she got a little dry and told him to spit on her. he, not knowing what she meant but trying to oblige her, hocked a fat loogie and spit it on her chest.

Slowdownthere 3157 points 19 hours ago
Gf farted while going at it, I knew she was embarrassed so I let one rip too. Hers didn’t smell. Mine was so bad she started gagging.

i pulled out, hastily flung the condom off my member, and came on her face. i hadn’t had much sex experience, but since it was common in porn, i just thought that’s what you were supposed to do. afterwards, i got slapped, and that girl still hasn’t talked to me since that day.

Cue my first boyfriend fingering me and then saying, “Wow… you sound like mac and cheese.”

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