The 50 Greatest Bikini Scenes Of All Time, Ranked According To A Guy Who Would Know

by 8 months ago

Mr. Skin

If the average person, say you or I, were to sit down and try to rank the 50 greatest bikini scenes of all time it would be almost impossible. For one, just coming up with 50 great bikini scenes from movies or TV would be ridiculously difficult. I know that I certainly don’t have a memory like that.

Second, even if I were somehow able to come up with a list of 50 great bikini scenes I highly doubt that I could definitively say that they are the 50 greatest of all time. There’s just no way I wouldn’t miss a bunch of them.

However, there is one man I trust when he boldly states that he has ranked the 50 greatest bikini scenes of all time, because it’s pretty much all that he does, and that is Mr. Skin. If anyone has the database, memory and stats to back up such a claim he would probably be the most qualified person in the world to do so.

I mean, if Mr. Skin doesn’t know, who would, right?

Here’s what he came up with so get ready to take some notes…

1) Jessica Alba (Into the Blue)

Mr. Skin

2) Kate Upton (The Other Woman)

Mr. Skin

3) Selena Gomez + Vanessa Hudgens + Ashley Benson (Spring Breakers)

Mr. Skin

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