MTV Has A TV Show Called ‘One Bad Choice’ And The First Episode Is About Duke Porn Star Belle Knox

by 4 years ago

Remember Belle Knox, the porn star from Duke University who dominated the news last spring? Her career in the adult business is flourishing these days, but she hasn’t been in the blog headlines (well, outside Pornhub) for a few months. Last night, around 11:30 PM, her name became a Twitter trending topic. Twitter trending topics can be a terrifying thing, so I wanted to check out what was up, worried that it was something weird and or bad. Turns out she was just the subject of a brand new MTV show called One Bad Choice and pretty much every teenager on the Internet was watching it and tweeting about it.

The show itself is about young people who made a “bad” choice that basically changes the trajectory of their life forever. Here’s the official description:

‘One Bad Choice’ is a 10-episode series that explores the consequences of young people who made a single, terrible decision that irrevocably changed their lives forever. Each 60-minute program focuses in-depth on a true story that’s narrated by the actual participants and includes recreations with actors to portray the events that occurred. In this first season of ‘One Bad Choice,’ viewers will be introduced to a wide range of stories, situations, and people who’ve had their lives upended by a single lapse in judgment. Participants include Dona, who as a high school student took Ecstasy with a friend and suffered dire consequences as a result; Levi, a teenager who became unwittingly involved in a robbery that ended in tragedy; Meili, who blindly became part of an enormous illegal drug-selling operation; Kumari, a bright college student who exacted revenge on a boyfriend in a way that she’ll regret for the rest of her life; and Michelle, a young woman whose fake pregnancy to gain attention for herself spiraled out of control in unimaginable ways. Shocking, surprising, and deeply emotional, ‘One Bad Choice’ serves up highly emotional, cautionary tales that take viewers on a roller coaster ride filled with shocking twists and turns, suspense, drama, and redemption.

Belle Knox’s story about going into porn after growing up in a house that prudish and conservative about sex is pretty fascinating. The real “bad” choice she makes is revealing the secret that she moonlights as a porn star to a guy-friend at Duke, who blabbed his mouth to a whole fraternity about it. From that point on, she became “the Duke porn star.” Her double-life as a college student at one of the best schools in the country was essentially over after that, forcing her to reveal her identity.

It’s a thought-provoking watch if you’re followed her story and career. Check out the full episode below:

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