Naked Woman Caught Riding On The Back Of A Motorcycle Through The Streets And Yes, There Is Video

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naked woman motorcycle russia


Oh, did we mention that this naked woman riding on the back of a motorcycle right there on city streets happened in Russia? No? That’s because we didn’t have to. Where else would this have happened?

Of course this all occurred while there was a car conveniently driving next to them so the passenger could shoot a nice little video of her naked escapades.

Reports the Mirror

In the footage, captured from a nearby car, she stands up on the bike’s footrest and even bends over the motorbike rider.

As the bikes swerves left and right, the woman is seen resting her chest against the man’s back and at one point waves both hands in the air.

The motorcyclist, believed to be male, is in a full set of leathers and a cash helmet as they drive through the streets of Voronezh in western Russia.

And now police are on the hunt for this woman because, I have no idea. For having too much fun? They say they are trying to identify her based on her tattoos.

“She could be fined for driving without a helmet and hooliganism, and the driver for allowing it,” said a police spokesman, aka The Fun Police.

On the positive side, at least the man and woman weren’t having SEX on the motorcycle on the street, right? Major progress we’re making as humans.

Motorcycle image by Shutterstock

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