Nicki Minaj Engages In A Casual But Important Talk About Ass Eating During Breakfast Club Interview

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Tossing salad is so hot in the rap game right now. Licking booty has quickly become the new ‘I will run up on you and kill you for a minuscule offense.’ Ninety two percent of Lil’ Wayne’s lyrics are about anilingus and shitting in various bathrooms in his mansion. Rim jobs have become far less culturally taboo and at this point, if you haven’t actively participated in butt stuff, you’re probably going to be the only loser with his finger still up in Never Have I Ever. Use that finger to stick it up your own ass to save yourself the embarrassment.

Nicki Minaj is to butts as LeBron James is to the city of Cleveland. Her ass could probably run for President and I for one would listen to its policy before making a decision.

Nicki’s been very vocal in her lyrics about dudes putting their tongues on what my drunk uncle refers to as a ‘balloon knot.’ Some of the poetic lyrics in Nicki’s songs are as follows:

“He toss my salad like his name Romaine/And when we done, I’ll make ’em buy me Balmain.”

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“Bad bitches, I’m your leader, Phantom by the meter/Somebody point me to the best ass-eater.”

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“Yo, I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake. On my life, man, fuck’s sake, if I did I menage with ’em I’d let ’em eat my ass like a cupcake.”

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Nicki Minaj appeared on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club in order to do some field research on her favorite subject by trying to pick up some tips from host Charlemagne, while offering her opinion on bidets. As aggregated by Jezebel:

…they turn to the topic of ass eating after Charlemagne tells Minaj, “I’m still out here getting my ass eaten, Nicki.”

Minaj, intrigued, peppers him with questions: “Are you really, Charlemagne?” And, “How do you clean your ass? Do you do a new cleaning regimen?” He tells her he has “a bidet at the crib,” to which Minaj responds, “Ew,” and reveals her philosophy on bidets: “I don’t believe in bidets. I believe take your ass in the shower. Fuck a bidet.” Minaj also asks him—more out of curiosity than judgment, it seems—“When you get your ass eaten, do you want the girl to put a couple fingers in your asshole?”

No, that’s too much. That’s too much. Strictly tongue.

Butt talk begins at 12:40.

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