Nina Dobrev Wearing A Bikini While Trying To Put On A Wetsuit Is Quality Entertainment

I’ve said it before and I am saying it again, Nina Dobrev seems like she would be the perfect girlfriend. Granted, I don’t know her personally (yet, damn restraining order), but from everything I have seen she just seems like about the most fun person ever. From tonguing Julianne Hough at a bachelorette party to showing off her bare butt (again with Julianne Hough) to her constant partying on boats and around water she just seems like a blast.

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I mean, anyone who is so whatever the opposite of self-conscious is, and can show off her flexibility in front of a national TV audience or get a little drunk, again on national TV, is A-okay in my book.

Oh, and yeah, she’s also pretty attractive. That too. Which leads us to the point of all this today.

Once again, Dobrev and her group of fun friends headed out on the water for a little R&R this past week. Check out some of the pics and videos from their latest adventure…

Definitely makes you want to party with these ladies, doesn’t it? But wait, there’s more. Check out Dobrev trying to jam herself into a wetsuit.

That’s almost as good as the time Chrissy Teigen tried to force herself into a bodysuit awhile back.

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So are videos like this now a thing? Because if so, keep ’em coming.

Oh yeah, this also happened since we last checked in with Dobrev…

No idea what was going on there, but like I said, they sure look like they’d be fun to party with sometime.