Piping Hot University Of North Florida Golfer Elise Lobb Will Give You A Tingling Sensation Deep In Your Plums

by 3 years ago
elise lobb


Women are beautiful. I first found that out when I was watching Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalo when I was twelve and my tootsie roll moved a little bit. This foreign sensation delighted me and since then, I’ve made a decade of poor life decisions with my pecker at the helm. What can I say, I’m weak-willed.

And it’s one thing for a woman to be beautiful, and a whole other monster for a woman to be beautiful and good at sport. Most people are lucky if they can pick one. Me? I, uh, have a good personality.

In the case of University of North Florida sorority girl Elise Lobb, we’ve got a double-headed monster on our hands: athletic and gorgeous.

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