You Need No More than Olympians and Singles in This Week’s Hottie Index

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Friday marked the beginning of the Olympics, which means loads of tape-delayed coverage on NBC while we all read live results on Twitter. It’s still worth watching the coverage because there will be plenty of cute female faces worth a look. We are here to bring two to the table so you know who to look for. Plus, there are a few other girls who either broke some hearts or had their hearts broken. Life moves on here at the Hottie Index.

Silje Norendal


The best part of the Olympics is that it brings people into the spotlight who normally wouldn’t get any attention. But I don’t mean on the frozen playing fields. I’m talking about hot Olympic chicks. Case and point is Norendal, who we never would have discovered had it not been for the Sochi Olympics. She didn’t win a medal in snowboarding after winning an event at the Winter X-Games, but you’d really like to fuck that face of hers after enjoying her Instagram feed.

Julia Mancuso


Living in the shadow of Lindsey Vonn can’t be easy. She’s hot, she’s good, and she dates famous athletes. Now that Vonn’s out of the picture, Mancuso’s star can rise to the top. She’s a pretty decent skier as evidenced by the three medals she’s won over the last two Olympics. She’s going for number four in Sochi. Like Vonn, she also looks pretty slamming in a bikini. Looks like U.S.A. skiing without Vonn isn’t too bad after all.

Rachel McAdams


Now we move from the slopes to the singles category. It was a big week for celebrity chicks to lose their boyfriends. Frankly I can’t figure out why based on looks, so these girls must be dumb as rocks or hiding some crazy. You wouldn’t think that about McAdams, however, since the sexiness seems to roll with a positive personality. The Toronto Raptors’ mascot knows what’s up. He was all over her when she attended a game last week. Why else would his tale be sticking up so straight like that?

Hannah Davis


Next up on the market is Davis, who got kicked to the curb by perennial ladies’ man Derek Jeter. There isn’t anything wrong with Davis other than that she was becoming a little too famous for Jeter’s liking. Derek likes to get the girls while they are fresh and before they blow up on the national stage. Then shit gets too crazy for him and he dips down into the minor leagues for the next prospect. Davis will be okay. She’s appearing in the upcoming SI Swimsuit Edition, proving there’s life after Jeter for both Davis and the Yankees.

Emily Ratajkowski


Last up on BroBible’s list of recent singles is one of our favorites. Our Brandon Wenerd got to hang out with Ratajkowski at Comic Con last July and I’m sure he would have given his left testicle for fifteen minutes in the storage closet with her. I’m just super pissed I didn’t know this when I saw her at the DirecTV Super Bowl party a week ago. I mean I totally would have had a chance with the SI Swimsuit girl, right? I hear she likes dudes with long Twitter feeds.

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