Lesbians Touch A Penis For The First Time And ‘It Feels Like Play-Doh!’

A few weeks ago we posted a very viral video of lesbians making out with a guy for the first time. The reactions were pretty hilarious. Here’s a similar SFW “reaction” video via Huffington Post, except this time involving lesbians touching a penis for the first time.

Everyone remembers their first. For massively popular LGBT YouTubers Bria And Chrissy, their “first” time touching the male reproductive organ happened on camera so they could film their reaction for the world to see. Once they get over their nerves, the reactions in the SFW video are pretty priceless:

“Oh it’s softer than I thought it would be.”
“It feels like Play-Doh that’s been warmed up.”
“It feels like when I was a butcher and I’d stuff turkey necks with corn on the cob for Christmas”

“It feels like if you were at a picnic and you came back for a hot dog after they’ve been sitting out for a while and it’s a little hard.”
“It feels like a noodle. Not the noodle you play in the water with, but a noodle you’d get at an Italian restaurant.”
“It’s just skin… That’s all it is.”

At the end of the day, they’re right — It’s just skin. That’s all it is.