One-Night Stand Study Offers Reason I Can’t Settle Down

by 8 years ago

Each night that Bros go out, the first question always asked is, “Are there girls there and are they hot?” Let's be honest, you can NHL '11 any night of the week with your fellow frat stars, but when you actually get dressed, shower, and throw on your game face, you want to go where's there's action. O.K., who are we kidding, you're still a mess and just utilize the “I don't give a f*ck about you” attitude to takedown the girl with the lowest moral fiber. It's comforting to know that science is at the heart of your most deviant behavior.

This study suggests that if you took a look back through my lineage, there would be dudes sniping chicks from the Wild West up through the 1960s, when my Dad hated hippies for the record, so it was all boat shoes and hoes. Makes me proud to be a Flow. This is one of those articles that makes me go “whoop there it is,” because instead of those suck-ass Men's Health articles where every f*cking vitamin and piece of food causes cancer one month and then saves your genitalia the next, this study makes sense: It's always someone else's fault. Thanks Dad.

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