‘Ozzy Man’ Reviewing Yanet Garcia Doing The Weather Is Why The Internet Was Invented

by 10 months ago

YouTube - Ozzy Man Reviews

This combination of “Ozzy Man Reviews” and video of the world’s hottest weather girl Yanet Garcia doing the weather is simply peak internet.

Now I knew that he had reviewed one of her sexy photo shoot videos in the past, and of course, it was freaking priceless, but this is even better.

Because for this video, our man Ozzy tries his hardest to maintain that he’s only watching the video to learn about the weather in Mexico.

“I find me-self really interested in Mexican weather lately,” Ozzy says to begin his review. “It’s good to learn about other cultures and, umm, precipitation, like yeah, I may not know what Yanet Garcia is saying, but part of me is okay, 33 degrees, 56 percent, I get the bullet points. I get the bloody bullet points and that’s all you need.”

“Fuckin’ lightning, rain, it doesn’t, awww,” he says as Yanet turns her back to the camera, “None of it matters. It’s fine.”

As for any possible bad weather, be it tidal waves, climate change, whatever, he’s ready to roll regardless of what comes his way, thanks to Yanet.

“She’d make me approach the apocalypse with a can-do attitude,” says our man.


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Very understandable.

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