Page Six Rumormongering About a SI Swimsuit Model Beefing with Kate Upton

by 7 years ago

via the Post:

Sources said when the 18 SI models, including Izabel Goulart, Irina Shayk, Chrissy Teigen, Anne V., Genevieve Morton and Julie Henderson lined up for a photo, Upton, standing on one side, was asked to move to the middle of the group by a producer. Upton, at first, was hesitant but moved after further prompting. But some of the ladies at the shoot weren’t pleased at making space — an onlooker said one model rolled her eyes while another mumbled under her breath. When Upton asked what she said, the model snapped, “Don’t worry about me, honey, cause I’m not worrying about you!” A rep for Upton didn’t get back to us. An SI rep said, “If there were words exchanged, it’s news to me. Kate was elegant and a complete force of spirit throughout the launch.”

Can't imagine this is too much more than just a rumor, in traditional Page Six fashion. But, let's pretend the allegations are true for a second. Who's the hot model locker room cancer that beefing with Upton? Based on PURELY speculation, our guess is that it's Irina Shayk. After landing the cover last year, she's playing second fiddle to a much younger and less experienced model that all of America is obsessed with. It has to be a huge blow to the ego. But, who else could it be?

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